Saturday, June 4, 2016

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B of A Admits to using credit reporting services and not providing the required notification to the consumer so copies of the credit reports could be obtained.

I will put this at the front of my blog as I believe it is important for the reader to know this and not have to wade through the whole blog to find it.


Bank of America opened, then 2 days later, closed my checking account. Half a dozen phone calls finally produced the information that BofA had gotten my credit reports from both Equifax and Experian and only a month after closing the account and after Matthew Taft*, in a phone call, mistakenly mentioned the Risk Management department had used credit reports in their decision to close my account, but they did not provide the written notification which is required.

Had this 'Customer Advocate' not screwed up and mentioned this they would NOT have provided the letter (below) so I could obtain free copies of my report as I am entitled to do.

The relevant sentence is: "Information provided by Equifax and Experian was used to make the determination to open, maintain, collect or close your accounts.

* Matthew C. Taft, AVP/Customer Advocate, Office of the Chairman 813 805 4873

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